Middle East Aircraft Engine Stand

The AerTool Network Begins Middle East Expansion – Now Offering Engine Stands From Jordan

We are are proud to announce the expansion of the AerTool Network to the Middle East region.

AerTool is pleased to welcome Jordan’s capital city of Amman to our equipment network. This Middle East hub will offer engine stands, bootsrap equipment, slings and associated engine change tooling to support our customers with aircraft in the Middle East region.

Our Jordan location current inventory includes stands for CF6-80C2, CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/B/C, PW4000, JT9D and Trent 700 engine types. You can view availability and book equipment in our network here.

Since July 2020 the AerTool Network has expanded to include 300+ engine stands across 22 engine variants. We have equipment stationed in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East offering choice and selection for our customers managing aircraft maintenance events globally. We have been proud to support customers with aircraft engine changes, repossessions, engine repositioning, teardowns and engine stand shipping requests.

For your engine stand needs please contact us on hello@aertool.com or view availability online on www.aertool.com

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