AerTool Launches with 300+ Engine Stands

AerTool is pleased to announce the formal launch of the AerTool Network and AerTool Platform with 300+ aircraft engine stands.

Jack McCann and Andrew Simons established AerTool after recognising the signifcant challenges sourcing equipment for aviation professionals. The AerTool Network, which formally launches in Autumn 2020, offers a reliable supply of aircraft engine stands, lifting beams, bootstrap equipment and associated ground support equipment. You can read more about the company mission here.

We recognise that our aviation colleagues regularly reported frustrations during the procurement process of engine stands. Industry professionals in airlines, lessors and MROs informed us of the following challenges:

  • Locating equipment reliably & transacting with trust
  • Dealing with intermediaries and agents
  • Receiving fair and transparent pricing
  • Wasted time to interacting with multiple contact points
  • The prohibitive cost of purchasing new equipment

Now, AerTool is determined to make engine stands more accessible than ever before.

The AerTool Network offers 300+ engine stands across 22+ engine variants in 8+ locations to serve customer requirements. The AerTool Platform provides a single contact point for AerTool customers to search and view equipment available.

With AerTool you can:

  • Search for equipment by location and view live availability
  • Receiving transparent pricing upfront
  • Filter equipment based on engine type, location, capability and more
  • Submit 1 RFQ to compare multiple items of equipment on offer – no more endless email

Due to our unique and innovative partnerships AerTool is able to offer our services completely free to customers supported by the AerTool Platform (beta).

We are excited for the challenges to come and look forward to further developing the AerTool Network to support the industry.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on

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