AerTool Begins Development Of Aircraft Engine Stand Network

AerTool is pleased to announce the incorporation of AerTool Limited with Jack McCann and Andrew Simons as the company founders.

AerTool aims to establish global hubs of equipment around the world offering airlines, lessors, aircraft maintenance managers and access to crucial equipment to conduct their maintenance events. AerTool will be able to offer engine stands and other tooling equipment items across all OEM engine types – Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, CFM International. AerTool will also offer APU engine stands and engine change equipment to complement its engine stand offering.

Customers of the AerTool Network will benefit from the use of the AerTool Platform to regularly check equipment availability, monitor pricing and secure equipment leases or purchases through a single portal. AerTool and its customers will work together to ensure that engine stands are adequately located in global hubs to support all locations where customers fly. As a result customers of the AerTool Network will benefit from enhanced equipment availability, faster shipping and lower equipment transportation costs.

On the launch of the AerTool Network, company co-founder Jack McCann commented: ‘For some time I have listened to industry colleagues talk about the challenges of sourcing, locating and transacting services for aircraft engine stands. This results in costly delays to to shop visit induction dates, aircraft engine change plans and engine lease returns. I believe the industry deserves a better service using this equipment and AerTool will deliver on this through our equipment network.’

AerTool promise customers that the aircraft engine stands and equipment coming from their network will be provided directly from the supplier-owners of equipment preventing disruption from costly agents and middlemen who often broker deals between supplier and customer. On this topic co-founder and director Andrew Simons said: ‘By taking the step to aggregate the global supply of equipment onto the AerTool Platform and serve customers through a single point of contact we will create a better customer experience to the supplier-broker-customer model of today. Having served the industry for many years providing ground support equipment, tooling and stands to an array of customers, I am excited to establish this innovative service with AerTool’

AerTool will formally launch the AerTool Network in Autumn 2020. If you have any questions please contact

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