LEAP-1A engine

LEAP-1A Engine Stand is added to the AerTool Network

AerTool is pleased to announce the addittion of the LEAP-1A engine stand type to the AerTool Network.

The AerTool Network has a growing portfolio of aircraft engine stands, bootstrap equipment, lifting beams, slings and more to cater for our global customer base. AerTool recently reached the milestone 300+ engine stands in November 2020 across 8+ locations. This coincided with the launch of the AerTool Platform to assist customers with comparing equipment on the market and booking their engine stand lease simply and easily with a single click.

The LEAP-1A engine was developed by the Safran Engine and GE Aviation joint venture CFM International. The LEAP-1A is CFM International’s answer to the next generation of engines to succeed the proven CFM56 family. The LEAP-1A, introduced in 2016, powers the Airbus A320neo aircraft type. The engine has been chosen by operators such as American Airlines, Qatar Airways, Jazeera Airlines, Air Asia and Avianca.

You can book your lease of the LEAP-1A engine stand on the AerTool Platform now.

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